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    These feet of mine so tired
    Of running and tumbling down again
    So tired of climbing back up again
    Knowing that I'll always keep falling

    These feelings in me
    Are they there
    Or do I want them there to be
    There inside of me
    Are these thoughts
    Making a person I want to be
    Creating something I'm not
    Is this me
    Or is it something I want to be

    Wandering thoughts in me
    Always seeking it's path
    Looking for a way
    To believe this is real
    To discover that at the and
    There'll always be a locked door

Ik wou even wat gedichten kwijt .

    I listen for the whisper
    Of your sweet insanity while I formulate
    Denials of your affect on me


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Mooie gedichten! Sommige zinnen waren niet meteen duidelijk opzich, maar dat heb ik ook zo vaak in het Nederlands Knipoog

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