[Gedicht] And Always

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[Gedicht] And Always

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How broken can you be
When you lay down on the floor
And feeling nothing more
Than pain of lost love

How unfair is it
If you see some together
When you lost
Everything you had

How hard is it
To face the world today
When nothing else matters
Than what you can not reach
What you want to have
Again in your arms
And for ever
And always

*Oh Adrian, come out and play.


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hij is egt super.. precies zoals ik me eerst voelde.. Scheve mond

Anyone who thinks sunshine is pure happiness,
*has never danced in the rain


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Ontzettend mooi gedicht! Ben er helemaal stil van...


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echt prachtig.........

Amigo...You're Always On My Mind....

Hardcore For Life
17 - 12 - 2005 Nightmare!!

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