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[ged] ?

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I see a dark shadow
Approaching me.
And when I see it’s coming closer,
There’s no fear in me.
I take a step closer to see what it could be,
But I can’t come any closer,
The earth is holding me,
Right at the place that I am,
I can’t take a step at the side or behind.
And it’s frightening to be held
By a force from the other side.
I want to run to another place,
But the air is killing me.
I feel like I am a dinner meal,
All that power that’s swallowing me.
But then I woke up
And got a feeling how it would be
If this was real
Then how would this end with me.

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Uhm Dark shadow mischien? Lachen

how sweet can it be to be loved by you

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