looking for results

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looking for results

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please can somone tell me where I can find results fore a (springen pony) showjumping pony. In Swedwn can we find the jumping results at the computer, but I can´t find a place in Nederlands.
We have just got a horse from Nederland and we want to know a little bit more of him. He is a NRPS registred ponny- D
COCKTAIL NPA 90 VB 2315, ruin, vos ( I guess it´s a fux). His last owner was a showjumper and have jump 1,30 klasses.
I have a paper from NED.HIPP.SPORTFED. but a don´t realy understand
Diersport: 2 ??????? klashoog : 3760 M, Standhoog: 6260 *Z,Eerste stand: 6260*Z, discipline: 25 SP ?????????????????????( this is grek for me) I mean, I don´t understand.... pleace reply in english. Bloos! Verward OK dan!

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It is possible that the NRPS studbook can help you with this to. There e-mail adress is nrps@worldonline.nl webadres is www.nrps.nl. . I think that your horse jumped in the class Z with 25 wining points. By the way what is the offspring of your horse?


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*Z means competing in class Z (1.20) but no points in that class. He has been jumping 1.20 classes.

I suppose that the Swedish system for jumping is the same as for dressage. In Holland it's not possible to choose your own class, we have to earn points, and with a certain ammount of points you are aloud to go into a higher class. When you reach the maximum amount of points in a certain class, you're no longer aloud to compete in it, you have to move on to the next class.

You earn 2 points every time you have 0 faults. Within 0-4 faults you get 1 point. When you have more than 4 faults (so f.e. when you knock over 2 fences) you get no points. *Z means he has no points in Z class, so never has made it trough the course without mistakes.

equipe.nu, the site that you refer to, doesn't exist in Holland, it's a pity, I agree. The page for the dutch equestrian federation is www.knhs.nl but you won't find any results there. The only thing you can try is run google and see if your pony's name turns up on a site from a riding club that has held a competition where he was. Good luck!

dressuurinstructie in Overijssel, mail voor meer informatie: louise@equimotion.nl


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OK dan! thanks I think I get it know.. the results was from 2000 and 2001
We have point system to, for higher class in Sweden. 80- 110 cm you can choose your self, but to compet 120 and 130 you have to earn points.

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