West Nile Virus antilichaam verkrijgbaar

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West Nile Virus antilichaam verkrijgbaar

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Novartis Animal Vaccines Introduces West Nile Virus Antibody

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. (Insert Date, 2003) - Novartis Animal
Vaccines, Inc. has received USDA conditional license for West
Nile Virus Antibody (Equine Origin) as an aid in the control of
disease caused by the West Nile Virus. It is the only antibody
product to carry such a claim.
"When it comes to caring for horses that have the West Nile
Virus, veterinarians' options have been limited," says Richard
Harland, DVM, director of research and development for Novartis
Animal Vaccines, Inc. "Novartis has responded to this urgent
need by developing a product that works against the virus."
West Nile Virus Antibody is a prescription product, administered
intravenously by a licensed veterinarian. It is an antiserum
product that increases the antibody level in the circulatory
system, thus enhancing an animal's ability to neutralize virus
present in the blood.
Cornell University conducted a neutralizing index study that
demonstrated the ability of the West Nile Virus Antibody to
neutralize the West Nile Virus. Based on the study, researchers
concluded there is a reasonable expectation of efficacy when the
West Nile Virus Antibody is administered to horses that have
been exposed to the virus.
"Field safety trials conducted to bring the product to market
demonstrated West Nile Virus Antibody is safe when used
according to label directions," says Harland. "Veterinarians can
prescribe the product with confidence, knowing it is a safe
choice that targets the West Nile Virus."

Take control of the West Nile Virus
According to the USDA, in 2002, the West Nile Virus was
seen in horses in 40 states, with 14,717 cases reported. Of
those, almost one-third died or were euthanized.
When it comes to keeping horses safe from this threatening
mosquito-borne virus, Harland stresses the importance of a
routine vaccination schedule and emphasizes management
steps to reduce mosquitoes, thereby decreasing the chances of
exposure to the virus.
Keeping a close eye on horses and watching for clinical signs of
the West Nile Virus also is important, Harland says.
"If an owner observes any clinical signs - such as ataxia,
depression, weakness of limbs, partial paralysis and muscle
twitching - they should contact their veterinarian immediately,"
Harland explains. "An early diagnosis and prompt veterinary care
will improve the chances of recovery."
More information about West Nile Virus Antibody is available at
Novartis Animal Vaccines, Inc. is a Division of Novartis AG.
Novartis Animal Vaccines researches and develops leading
custom and commercial biologicals that meet the needs of
livestock producers and veterinarians. For further information
please consult http://www.livestock.novartis.com. Novartis AG
(NYSE:NVS) is a world leader in healthcare with core
businesses in pharmaceuticals, consumer health, generics, eye
care and animal health.

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