How to do?

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How to do?

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I tried to post my pics on the board but I have no idea on how to do it!
Can someone help me and explain on how to do this?


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It's very simple.. At first you have to upload your pics.
There you'll get a picadress (for example: This is the adress you have to put in a code. On this forum we use the BB code.
It's like this: [i m g] [/ i m g]
But, without the spaties.
It's very easy once you get the hang of it!!
I hope you get it now, my English is not very good, as you can see, but I hope I made myself clear Haha!

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In addition to that I changed the board language to English for you Haha! I guess that makes it a bit easier to find you way around on this site.

You can change your preferences through the Profile link (in the upper right corner of your screen):

Enjoy your stay at!

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