• 'Spotted Coat Colour Genetics'
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'Spotted Coat Colour Genetics'

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door Peterina
Interessante artikel .....

They found that base coat color (bay, black, or sorrel) plays a significant role in the resulting spotting patterns, Druml said. For example, bay horses are likely to have less white on the body, whereas black horses are more likely to be full leopards with large, dark, regularly spaced spots. By contrast, a sorrel-based horse might be a full leopard, but his spots will be smaller and more spread out than those of bay or black-based horses.
Sex also appears to play a role, as males tend to have larger spots than females.
..." ... 11-16-2017

Hele onderzoek gepubliceerd in the Journal of Heredity : “Phenotypic and Genetic Analysis of the Leopard Complex Spotting in Noriker Horses”. 

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door mooney
Ik zag het toevallig ook langs komen, zodra ik de tijd heb ga ik het originele onderzoek even goed lezen. EDIT: ik kan niet lezen :') domme opmerking weg gehaald

Hoop dat het een mooi volledig en correct onderzoek is, want het is hele interessante materie!

Re: 'Spotted Coat Colour Genetics'

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door Donja
even de tijd voor nemen om door te lezen ;)