G Ramiro Z, Bernstein, Feraldine....?

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De vader van Iwaldo is Bernstein, en volgens mij is G Ramiro Z de vader van Bernstein dus zn opa... mamma is de KWPN merrie Feraldine.

Wie kan mij meer over deze paarden vertellen + eventueel foto's?
Ik zal eens even de papieren inscannen.


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G. Ramiro Z. (preferant)
1965 - 1995
Foundation Stallion for KWPN Breeding

G. Ramiro Z., a Holsteiner by birth, has already been labelled "Stallion of the Century." He was conceived in Holstein, born in Westfalia, licensed in Neumunster, and was an international jumper under Fritz Ligges. Ramiro himself was tremendously successful at showjumping, with many wins in Nations Cups, Puissance and international Grand Prix competition. Ramiro influences nearly all European performance studbooks. It is impossible to underestimate Ramiro's influence on Dutch Warmblood breeding, or to catalog the success of his many, many outstanding offspring. To name just a handful of the hundreds, are Ratina Z, the gold medal showjumping winner at Barcelona and the World Cup winner in 1992, as well as the approved stallions Rinaldo, Rio Negro (a Grand Prix dressage horse trained by Willi Schultheis), Ronald (long the most popular Holstein stallion, having himself sired five approved sons), Zeoliet and Damiro (both of whom have sired approved sons), Armstrong, Bernstein, Dageraad, Elmero B and Horatio, among others.

Ramiro's dam is the Torette, daughter of H. Alme Z, the great show jumper producer of this century, known through, among others, Galoubet and I Love You and, not least, his approved son Jalisco B. Torette comes from one of the first and thus oldest riding horse lines in the Netherlands to concentrate on the production of showjumpers. Other names in this lineate are Adorette, Grandioso, Ne Souci, Texas and The Blind and, in the U.S.A., Saboteur, Avandro and Palet. Further on the dam's side is D Sans Souci, who jumped at the Olympic Games in Munich and in Aachen cleared a 2.20 meter wall.

Ramiro died in 1995.

Acknowledgment Walter Sauer, Jacob Melissen and the NA/WPN.

This stallion is influential in Foal's Paradise breeding.
Foal's Paradise does not stand this stallion.

For sales, breeding, boarding, training or show information,
contact Mary Huwaldt or Richard Caplan.

Foal's Paradise Farm
531 Springville Road
Ephrata, PA 17522
(717) 738-4715

Mensen met paarden hebben de hemel op aarde,
maar als ze komen te sterven valt er niks te erven.

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springfoto van ramiro

Hoofd AMF.
ik heb er 1, een chocolad met wit katertje,
Gizmo !! Mijn icon is zijn vader.

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