[NH] een woord van Sylvia Whitehouse zelf (clinic)

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[NH] een woord van Sylvia Whitehouse zelf (clinic)

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Bij deze info die Sylvia mij gestuurd heeft.

I have had horses since I was seven, and we progressed from showing &
gymkhanas to show-jumping. We had quite a lot of success in these fields,
and I carried on until I married and got pregnant. I still kept a pony for
my children and my third child was 'horse mad', so carried on the interest
with her.
I read a book by Monty Roberts and decided I would like to learn his
methods, so I saved up for a year and then left my job of nearly 20 years to
take the courses. I took the first modular course over the next year while
staying with my sister, who breeds miniature horses in Holland. This
enabled me to study and to help her in return.
To gain the Recommended Associate status, you have to complete all the
stated modules and then be INVITED back to take all the exams plus submit
case studies to reinforce your methods and knowledge. When these are all
accepted, the decision is taken whether or not to accept you.
I have done a fair bit of work in Holland over the past four years, mostly
for horses that had long-standing problems, for example a horse that had
been very difficult to load for three years, a pony that would not accept
being trained to drive and a horse that was going to be put to sleep if he
could not be cured of 'bolting'. I have also 'started' several horses, and
am pleased to say that we have had success with all the problems so far. It
often depends on the owner to continue the methods and that is left to their
own timing, while always being at the end of a phone for extra suggestions.
I do travel a lot and my sister has 26 miniatures at the moment with 10
foals expected this spring. I also have two ponies of my own here, so time
is a little bit limited.
To keep up my qualifications, I have to work with Kelly Marks at least
bi-annually to keep up with any new innovations and to check my work.
I hope this is of use and please contact me for any more information.
Best Wishes

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