That day (gedicht)

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That day (gedicht)

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That Day

I know that tomorrow when I wake up,
I will look back upon today as 'that day'
That day when my world turned around,
That day, that extremely horrible day

The day after tomorrow I might remember all those other days,
Those days that when I think of one, it sure will be another 'that day'
I remember so many days that made my world turn around,
But I do not remember any other day that changed my life this way

And next year, when the roses flower again,
I might even forget it's been another year,
But one thing will never change again,
There will always be the memory of this day.

I wish that I could make things different,
But I'm only flesh and blood,
I wish that tomorrow could take away my sorrow,
But then again, it would be no good.

Let all the days ahead be better ones,
Filled with laughter, flowers and happiness,
'Cause there's no way
I could live another 'that day'

"Restaureer je kerk / Stuur je kinderen ten oorlog / Lees handen tot je blind bent / Maar red mij niet " - Maarten van Roozendaal

I'm livin' the dream | Interessante dingetjes


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Prachtig gedicht Laui! Echt waar!

From the looks of this place, my ass has got a lot of catching up to do.

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