Speciale kaart gemaakt voor 11 september 2001

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It was something we never thought we'd see
It could never happen to you and me

An attack against all civilization
An attack that shocked our nation

Four airliners, all hijacked
A precise and planned attack

Fueled by evil, a merciless crime
The worst terrorist act of all time

The World Trade Center towers
Symbols of our financial power

Crumbling, falling, cascading down
Concrete and debris, hitting the ground

So many families torn apart
A tragedy felt in all of our hearts

If we're ever to overcome this devastation
We must pull together as a nation

To the victims' families, we send our prayers and love
As we seek guidance and hope from the Lord above

May God bless you and your loved ones.


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mooie kaart en ook een hele mooie tekst


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ja! echt goed! kan ik echt waarderen en dat meen ik!

Zeg liever: "Ga maar" "Dat is leuk" en "Moet je doen."
Want kijk me lachen, man.

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