[VER] Dear future me

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[VER] Dear future me

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Dear future me,

There will be times where you will feel sad again, but please, remind yourself that this too will pass (like the weather). And of course there will be more hardships to conquer, but you know you can. You can beat its ass and say FCK YOU! Because those moments of nearly breaking down into fits of tears will all be worth it in the end (when you've become stronger). You've felt weakness, hopelessness and sadness but, those emotions are all part of life, and you've conquered them all. You never let yourself down, and you shouldn't do it in the future. You never gave up, not even when the world seemed to have had turned against you.

You probably remember the day your world started to fall apart. It was that moment when you thought you had control over your life again. You probably remember all those feelings of intense happiness. But you also remember how you felt when your dream shattered into pieces that same day. You always wanted to become a writer, and you had even attempted to write a book. Sadly, you never made it. And that's not because you got rejection after rejection. It was because you felt worthless. You thought you weren't meant for happiness; to finally feel. Because, at age 21, you knew that you wanted to become a writer and wanted to inspire people. But the world said "No, you cannot become a writer," and you allowed that to happen for a good few months. You refused to write. You started to look at other professions and other college educations; web design, English literature, psychology. But they never gave you that same feeling of excitement whenever you'd say "English literature and creative writing." Those five words meant that you were one step closer to becoming a writer; an author.

Months past and you went to work almost every day, barely wanting to take days off because you'd be sitting at home, depressed. But when people at work started to ask you about your plans of moving to the UK and proceeding to become a writer, you couldn't help but feel sad again. So you found other ways to become a writer, or at least try to become a writer. You found platforms to use your voice, to share your experience and to help others. You found ways to feel relevant again.

So, yes, there will also be times where you will triumph, but if you do, please remind yourself to stay humble and real. No one likes fake ass bitches.

Just one more thing, there will always be good and bad days. But please, remind yourself that those feelings are all part of life and that this is what makes every person a human.

Thank you.



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Re: [VER] Dear future me

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Mooi hoor :j

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