Stalling in kuddeverband west-vlaanderen

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Stalling in kuddeverband west-vlaanderen

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I hope it is ok for me to write in English, my Dutch isn't good enough yet to phrase this and I don't completely trust Google-Translate ;)

I recently moved to Belgium and am looking for a stable to board my horse. He is currently 1 1/2 years old, a westphalian gelding, and I'd like to get him to me towards the end of next year.
My reasoning for already being on the lookout is that things seem to be a bit different over here than back home concerning keeping horses. Most stable were I live solely have inside stalls and you get lucky when your horse gets on meadows for a few hours a day. Some don't even offer that in summer at all, not to mention in winter.

I am willing to do self-service, meaning coming in ~3 times a day, to feed, muck and move my horse but for that it needs to be somewhat close.
I need a stable that is in walking distance to an arena(I don't care if it is an outside or inside arena) because I can't go on trail rides only, especially during the time my boy is going to be broken in.

I understand that depending on space keeping your horses outside 24/7 is simply not possible. But 12h in summer or at least paddocks in winter for a couple hours should be a must have. There is one "paddock paradise" stable that I could find which is sadly too far away.

Maybe I am not looking at the right places to find something (I only have google and and found one stable close by that might be ok, still inside stalls but that's ok imo as long as he does get out every day.

Does anyone know of a stable that offers the following?
*stalls at least 16m², living outside 24/7 would be prefered though
*being fed 3-5 times a day (not only 2...)
*1 arena (outside or inside doesn't matter)
*having an instructor already in the stable and/or allowing instructures from "outside" to give lessons/to train
*having a somewhat nice area for trail rides

Best wishes


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Re: Stalling in kuddeverband west-vlaanderen

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Keep an eye out on This site mainly lists horse friendly stables in the Netherlands but there are a few in Vlaanderen as well I believe. They regularly update it as well so something new might be added by the time you are looking to move.

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