Namen in het engels van sprongen

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Namen in het engels van sprongen

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Ik zit op school werkstuk in het engels te maken, weet iemand hier hoe een stijl sprong, oxer ( blijft oxer???) waaier, in uitje, kruisje en dubbel sprongen enzzzzzzz in het engels heten?? alvast bedankt!!!! Groetjes Au3


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Kijk eens wat je allemaal kunt vinden op het internet Haha!

DE FEI ... part-1.PDF

An obstacle whatever its construction can only be called vertical
when all the parts of which it is composed are positioned in the
same vertical plane on the take-off side without any rail, hedge,
bank or ditch in front of it.

A spread obstacle is an obstacle, which is built in such a manner
that it requires an effort both in spread and in height. FEIapproved
safety cups must be used as support for the back poles
of spread obstacles and in case of a triple-bar to support the
centre and back poles of the obstacle. Safety cups must also be
used in the exercise area.
Article 211 WATER JUMP
1. For an obstacle to be called a water jump it must have no
obstacle in front, in the middle nor behind the water. The water
must have a minimum width of 2.50 metres.

1. Double, treble or higher combinations mean a group of
two or more obstacles, with distances between the elements of 7
m minimum and 12 m maximum (except for Hunting or Speed and
Handiness competitions judged under Table C and for permanent
fixed obstacles where the distance may be less than 7 m) which
require two or more successive efforts. The distance is measured
from the base of the obstacle on the landing side to the base of
the next obstacle on the take-off side. ... loss-t.htm
barrage or jump-off
a jump-off, in which horses with equal scores at the end of a competition compete against each other again with the results to be determined by number of faults, time against the clock, or a combination of the two
a series of small wooden jumps used in the basic training of a riding horse in order to encourage it to lengthen its stride, improve its balance and loosen up and strengthen its muscles; cavaletti are used for schooling, either in the form of a grid or built up to make a fence
a small fence consisting of a squared-off pole, supported at each end in an X-shaped support; plural cavaletti
combination obstacle = combinatie
in show-jumping, an obstacle consisting of two or more separate jumps which are numbered and judged as one obstacle
course = parcours
in show-jumping and cross-country a circuit consisting of a number of obstacles to be jumped in a particular order within a specified time limit;
course builder = parcoursbouwer
the person responsible for designing and building a show-jumping or cross-country course
course designer = parcoursbouwer
(a) a person who designs a show-jumping or cross-country course and may or may not actually build it as well; (b) (US) a course builder
double = dubbelsprong
in show-jumping a combination obstacle consisting of two separate jumps
fence = hindernis
any obstacel to be jumped in steeplechasing, cross-country, show-jumping or hunting
gate = hek
frequently used as an upright obstacle in show-jumping competitions
parallel bars = parallel oxer
a type of spread fence used in both show-jumping and cross-country courses, consisting of two sets of posts and rails
planks =planken
a show-jumping obstacle made up of painted planks about 30 cm (1 ft) wide
post and rails
a type of obstacle in show jumping and cross country courses consisting of upright posts between which are laid a number of horizonal posts; in show-jumping the rails are simply supported by the posts, whereas in cross-country events, they are fixed to the posts

spread fence
in show-jumping and cross-country, any of various obstacles which are wide as opposed to simply high, such as hog backs, parallel bars, triple bar or water jump

in show-jumping, a combination obstacle consisting of three separate jumps; three fences in such close alignment that they are related and have to be jumped in combination

triple bar
in show-jumping, a spread fence consisting of three sets of poles built in staircase fashion in a progression of heights with the highest at the back ... ortCode=EQ
1. in jumping, a vertical obstacle usually no higher than 1.6 metres but involving substantial width, constructed with colourful poles, planks, hedges, fake stone or brick, or flowers.

A vertical fence made with planks, balustrades, gates or other items to present a solid obstacle.

In show jumping and the three-day event, an object a horse must clear to complete the course, such as a fence, gate or water jump.

A single fence consisting of two elements which make a spread jump, such as parallel oxers.

An obstacle featuring front and back rails of equal height set wide apart to produce a spread, creating a difficult jump.

In showjumping and the three-day event, a pole which makes up a part of some obstacles.

A show jumping obstacle with an element of width, not just height, and which is generally higher and wider than the other spread jumps.

A straight up-and-down fence without width, creating a relatively difficult obstacle.

An obstacle requiring a horse to jump over a wide expanse of water, usually with a low hedge or fence at the leading edge.


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en verder
kruisje: cross-pole fence
in-uitje: bounce

'lijntjes' = gridwork (dus bv in-uitje, 1 galopsprong steil, 2 galopsprongen oxer)

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Je bent GEWELDIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leven met paarden is hemel op aarde, maar komt u te sterven, dan valt er niks te erven!

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