What do you do?

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What do you do?

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To induce labour in a mare? Take a nap

To cure equine constipation? Load them in a clean trailer

To cure equine insomnia? Show them in a halter class

To get a horse to stay very calm and laid back? Enter them in a liberty class

To get a horse to wash their own feet? Clean the water trough and fill it with fresh water

To get a mare into heat? Take her to a show

To make sure that a mare has thát beautiful, perfectly marked foal you always wanted? Sell her before she foales

To get a show horse to set up perfectly or to really move out? Get him out late at night or when no one is around to see him

To induce a cold snap in the weather? Clip a horse

To make it rain? Mow a field of hay

To make a small fortune in the horsebusiness? start with a large one

Haha! Haha!
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Waar heb je die vandaan?

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Doet me denken aan deze. Komt van een mailinglijst (VS)

Stall: What your rig does at rush hour in an unfamiliar city on the way to a big horse show .

A Bit: What you have left in your pocket after you've been to your favorite tack shop.

Fence: Decorative structure built to provide your horse with something to chew on.

Pinto: Green coat pattern found on freshly washed light colored horses left unattended for 2 minutes.

Well Mannered: Hasn't stepped on, bitten, or kicked anyone for a week.

Lunging: Popular training method in which a horse exercises their owner by spinning them in circles until dizzy.

Gallop: Customary gait a horse chooses when returning back to the barn.

Nicely Started: Lunges, but not enough health insurance to even think about riding him.

Colic: Gastro-intestinal result of eating at horse fair food stands.

Colt: What your mare gives you when you want a filly.

Easy to Load: Only takes 3 hours, 4 men, a 50lb bag of oats, and a tractor with loader.

Easy to Catch: In a 10x10 stall.

Easy Rider: Rides good in a trailer; not to be confused with "ride-able".

Endurance Ride: End result when your horse spooks and runs away with you.

Hobbles: Walking gait of a horse owner after their foot has been stepped on by their horse.

Feed: Expensive substance used to manufacture manure.

Light Cribber: We can't afford to build anymore fencing or box stalls for this buzz saw on four legs.

Knipoog Haha!


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heej wat gaaf! die ga ik overnemen in mijn agenda!

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haha leuk Haha!


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Leuk! Haha!


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geinig hoor ben het er wel mee eens

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haha leuk !!! Lachen



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haha..errugh geestig!!!


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very funny


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