Santa is a woman

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Santa is a woman

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Santa is a woman
I'm convinced it must be true
So many things he takes credit for
Most men just will not do

He spends his days in shopping malls
Passing out candy and gum sticks
He gabs with moms and kids alike
And takes great party pics

Santa always keeps a list
And always checks it twice
Why, isn't that the story
Of every woman's life?

Santa's into arts and crafts
He's always making toys
And he keeps tabs on all the neighborhood kids
Knows the nice girls and boys

Santa likes to decorate
They say he has a flair
He can do the trees all by himself
Knows which ornament goes where

Santa does not mind asking directions
There's a lot of deliveries, you know
To houses all over the universe
In cities high and low

Santa makes a fashion statement
That few other men would copy
In a fur-trimmed suit of velvet red
Never wrinkled, never sloppy

Yes, Santa Claus there is a Virginia
And a Mary, Sue and Jane
You must know all of them quite well
For you are much the same

Santa has to be a woman
It's the only thing that's right
Who else would work on holiday presents
All hours of the night

Je suis Charlie.


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Haha! Haha! Haha!

**Look where all this talking got us baby!!**


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Haha toch klopt het wel Haha! Mannen doen vaak al die dingen niet (sommige uitgezonderd, niet boos worden)


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Hahahaha *LOL*

    Pressure is what differentiates a piece of coal from a diamond

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