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[ged] ?

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I see a dark shadow
Approaching me.
And when I see it’s coming closer,
There’s no fear in me.
I take a step closer to see what it could be,
But I can’t come any closer,
The earth is holding me,
Right at the place that I am,
I can’t take a step at the side or behind.
And it’s frightening to be held
By a force from the other side.
I want to run to another place,
But the air is killing me.
I feel like I am a dinner meal,
All that power that’s swallowing me.
But then I woke up
And got a feeling how it would be
If this was real
Then how would this end with me.

Weet iemand hier misschien een titel voor?

Heb jij tijd om mee te doen aan een groot ruiteronderzoek?

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Uhm Dark shadow mischien? Lachen

how sweet can it be to be loved by you

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