Questions and Answers about STRANGLES

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Questions and Answers about STRANGLES

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Why vaccinate?
Vaccination provides the best possible protection against strangles which is the most important infectious disease problem for horses.

Does the vacinne provide 100% protection?
Fiels experience suggest that all full and regular program of vaccination for all horses will usually control or very markedly reduce the incidence and severity of strangles. However it is not claimed that the vaccine is an absolute preventative. Vaccination will reduce the spread in an outbreak with less horses affected by strangles and those that do show signs have a milder disease with shorther recovery and possible protection against spread through the body.
Thus, vaccination has good benefits and is the best protection possible. It should be pointed out that there are other disease, caused by different organism, which may be confused with strangles.

Can the vaccine be used during an outbreak?
yes. In the event of an outbreak of strangles, horses should be segregated into three groups. Those affected by the disease should be treated, but not vaccinated. Horses with no known contact with the disease should be vaccinated immidiately. Horses known to have been in contact should be observed for seven to ten days adn vaccinated only if they have a normal temperature adn show no clinical signs of the disease.

Does the vaccine cause reaction?
Like a numver of other vaccines, Equivac-S or Equivac 2 in 1 can cause some local swelling at the site of the injection, especially if injected subcutaneously adn not inramuscularly. Provided the injection has been carried out aseptically, and swelling should disappear in a few day.

What is the vaccination shedule?
When horses and foals are vaccinated against strangles for the first time, they require a primary vaccination course consisting of three doses of Equivac-S or Equivace 2 in 1. The three doses are given with an interval of two weeks between injections. Booster doses should be given at least annually adn six-monthly revaccination should be considered in circumstances where the risk of infection is known to be high.

What are the signs of strangles?
Typically, horses suffering from strangles have pus discharging from the nostrils and swellings (abscesses) forming in the lypmp nodes ( glands) under the jaws. Most animals recover, but horses that contract even a mild case of strangles much be isolated adn removed from training or heavy work for up to three months! In some cases the infection can cause chronic illness or even death.

How is the vaccine administered?
The vaccine is injected intramuscularly. The most convenient site for injection is the center of the side of the neck. The needle can be attached to a syringe and then administered to the horses.
Alternatively, the needle may be inserted into the muscle and then the syringe attached and the vaccine injected.

I'm sorry I had to write this in english. It would take years to tell you it in Dutch!

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Enten tegen droes is al jaren in discussie. De algemene mening is dat het weliswaar vervelend is voor (meestal jonge) paarden om het te krijgen, maar dat ze daarna wel meteen voor het leven er tegen bestand zijn.

De meeste vormen van droes zijn weliswaar niet leuk om te hebben (je paard dan) maar alleen de vorm ' verslagen droes' kan daadwerkelijk gevaarlijk zijn.

Enten bij een paard wat al droes heeft is imo alleen verstandig als het paard dusdanig verzwakt is dat het de koorts niet zou overleven. Het is beter de ziekte gewoon te laten 'uitzieken'.

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