Dutchess And Me!

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Dutchess And Me!

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Sorry I havent been on for like a year, I started to forget!
Cheese! Today My mum took Pictures of m and Dutchess(My mum is Diamondcheckers), I was wearing a red prom dress(realy long) and dutchess wanted to eat hay like all horses so we had some problems, then I rode dutchess after I got back into my normal clothes and my mom didnt have to hold her anymore so I was going and then the owner of the farm doug told me I was riding wrong, I didnt no western very much, so I had to teach Dutchess diffrently and it is much easier now! Ans when I ride dutchess I gets us more close and we are learning things together! Lovers

Dutchess, Sweet Heart Wild soul!

Heb jij tijd om mee te doen aan een groot ruiteronderzoek?

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really cool, that your mum took pics... can we see them here? Haha!

Zumba instructor :D
Als er in de hemel geen chocolade is, ga ik er niet naar toe!
[SPR-ITP] Banjer en ik @ onderlinge springwedstrijd (bitloos)

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