gedicht voor paardenmoeders (engels)

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gedicht voor paardenmoeders (engels)

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Dit vond ik in de Horse&Rider Juni (Engels paardentijdschrift)

Kids and horses

Kids and horses, oh my God,
Both need feeding, both need shod.
Both need tender loving care,
All need cosy things to wear.

At the stables I leef guilty
Rugging Neds in warm and quilty.
While at home my children starve
Can I cut myself in half?

Rushing home at breakneck speed,
Supermarket, kids to feed,
Bills to pay, I'm feeling poor
(Did I bolt the stable door?)

Homework, TV, bed so warm,
Now, where'd I put that entry form?
Wash that numnah, wash kids' socks,
Find school bus fare, hire a box,

Peace at last, a glass of cider

Kids And horses, oh my God,
Both need feeding both need shod,
D'you know, if I was able
I'd have us all live in the stable!

Carol Barret

Ik ben nu officieel Strasser Hoofcare Specialist Student!
*My heart's in overdrive, and you're behind the steering wheel*

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